Moxie & Colby Puppies
Jakra's Poised Litter DOB:1-13-09
Birth Order:  1-13-09

1.  Female  Orange         1:56PM   14.5 oz
2.  Male        Turquoise   2:30PM   14    oz
3.  Male        Burgundy   2:42PM   11    oz
4.  Female   Yellow         3:15PM      8.5  oz
5.  Male        Green          3:21PM      9.5  oz
6.  Female   Pink             4:00PM    11.0  oz
7.  Female   Purple         4:55PM      9.0  oz
8.  Female   Lime            5:42PM    12.5  oz  
Moxie in early stages of labor.
Moxie settles in after a long day giving Birth to 8 beautiful healthy baby Vizslas
Week #1:
Green Boy will now be Black collar. 
Moxie and her puppies seem quite content.  At 3 days old the tails were docked and dew claws removed, according to the AKC Vizsla Breed Standard.  Puppies look healthy and happy, growing daily.
Week #2:
During the second week, the puppies eat less often, and sleep longer between meals.  By the end of the 2nd week, their tiny eye slits are starting to open at the inside corner, their ears canals open and they begin to experience both sight and sound.  Their ability to hone in on their Mom Moxie is more precise and their attempts at walking are comical.
Week #3:
Moxie's Puppies heading into the 3 week old mark.  They are just so very cute, and snuggly.   Moxie makes them work for dinner, she spends more time out of the whelping pool, when she returns all the puppies follow her wanting to nurse, but she makes sure they all potty and cleans up after them first, then she will lay down to nurse them.
Week #4:
As the puppies approach 4 weeks of age, they get much more interesting to watch.  The babies begin to use their tiny little barks at each other, begin to akwardly wrestle one another, and experience their first mushy meals of puppy food.  They love their new puppy food!  Moxie spends less time with them, but they love to climb all over her and chew on her ears and body parts.  Soon they will be moved into the "Puppy Room" where thinks really get exciting!
Colby's family, owner Melissa, Avery, and Auntie Jill came from Minnesota to see the babies!  The puppies love new people, they were cuddly and content, we all enjoy this age to start the socialization skills.  We were all very impressed with the consistency, conformation & their contentment.  Going to be difficult picking one to keep.
These "stacked" photos were done on Sunday 2/8/09, the puppies were 3 weeks and 5 days old.  Two of the boys just wouldn't stand on the table yet.  I have done some stacking while they are eating out of the pan and they look as nice if not nicer than Black boy who we got a quick snap  shot of.
The 4 to 5 week period, has been an awakening for the puppies, and they are lovin' it!  On Tuesday at 4 weeks old they make a move from the quiet (except radio) to the direct noise from the adult dogs and their own television, so far they have no favorite programs but we all enjoyed Westminster and the Sporting Group that evening.  The puppies are learning not to potty on their bedding but to go clear to the end of the ex-pen away from the bed.  Very smart already.  They really wrestle hard with each other and try out their playing voices and learn how much a littermate will take before they either turn around and give it back or just walk away.  Just getting to know the individual personalities.  All the adult dogs love to be in the Puppy Room and the little ones are so cute some of them initiating play bows and playing footsie through the ex-pen with their older sibs.
Week #6:
Week #5:
Black Boy
Red Boy
Black Boy
Red Boy
Blue Boy
Blue Boy
Green Girl
Green Girl
Week #7:
We've had quite a few new humans come to visit and see the "babies".  Here we have our step grandneice Danielle and friend Madelyne playing, nephew's wife Jocelynn and grandneice Isabelle's introduction to V pupppies.  Of course they love people like all good Vizslas should.  
Week #8:
During this week the puppies enjoyed a few new life experiences.  We had more visitors!  We spent almost 2 hours outside on the dog patio, it was over 50 degrees, good sun and no wind, fresh air day.   We all had our first puppy vaccination, which needs to be repeated in 3 to 4 weeks, and one more time a month later.  Bordetella is also recommended; follow your state/county laws mandating rabies vaccination.  I like to do rabies by 4 months, but not on the same day as any other vaccination.  Keep them a week a part. 

Friday evening we attempted to get some "show" stacked photos, they are OK, mostly the puppies wanted down on the floor to play or they were frantically going for the bait and being very wiggly and naughty.
Week #9:
Jesi and BlueBoy AKA Rowan
Time for the puppies to go home.  They are ready to experience life with their new loving families, how exciting for the wait to finally be over!  Enjoy your puppy, they grow up so quickly...don't worry we can get you another one someday cuz "Once you own one, you'll always want more".
Jesi & BlueBoy (AKA Rowan) & Driver Lisa so Jesi can hold her "baby"!
Jeremy & Stacy with Green Girl AKA Roxy
Moxie lovin' on Melissa as she plays toys with her babies.
Melissa back home in MN with Pink Girl AKA Gracie.  As you can see Gracie is quite bored with Melissa working on her doctorate school work.
As of Friday the 13th of March, Gracie is finally home in WA with Vina.
Jeff, Colby's "Dad" is holding little Gracie!  Don't worry Vina I'm sure Gracie will get to you soon!
Sean with Romeo/Red boy who has yet to meet all his family, then he will be named.  Lucky boy gets to live in warm California.
Sean with Romeo  at the Sioux Falls Airport it's 5 am and we are ready to FLY!
Romeo's new "sisters" how lucky can a puppy get!
Romeo in warm and Sunny CA, points his first tweety bird.
Romeo with new Mom Sandy and sister JT
Romeo &  sister Milli
Romeo & sister JT, who looks more content?
Above we have 3 of the Meller family from Dallas, TX.  Back in Jan. 1998, Derek SR purchased their first Vizsla, Zoe from Echo and Batman's litter.  Life for the Meller's has come full circle, Zoe retired from hunting and Derek JR will be bringing home the Purple Collar girl for the family to love and enjoy more grand hunting trips.
Derek SR
Derek SR
Holly AKA Purple/Flower collar sitting on her new lawn soaking up the Texas sun with her new family the Mellers.   
All of the puppies with the exception of Black Boy AKA Trigger have gone to their new homes.  Trigger is looking forward to meeting his new Mom & Dad the first weekend of April.  Right now Jak and I are having a ball playing with him and getting started on crate and house training, so far he is doing wonderfully.  Trigger typically protested the crate but has now given up on that, and no accidents, he loves to snuggle and get kisses when he wakes up in the morning.  Trigger is sleeping at night in bed with us, and he's no trouble there. 
Gracie made it to her permanent home on Friday March 13th, she is zoned out with her new big brother Rowdy.
Dee from Houston owns Kayl from Echo's Encore litter, is taking home sweet Posey (AKA Orange/Pokadot), how fun for Posey going to warm sunny TX.  Dee and her husband John are Katrina survivors with two new Kaboom Book stores doing well in Houston. 
Andy Casanova holding his new "baby" Mig, AKA Yellow/Swirl collar girl.  His mother-in-law Linda is going to send a photo to her daughter, Kylene, since she couldn't come to pick up the puppy.  We've been so blessed with wonderful families making homes for this Poised Litter of Vizsla puppies!
Logan holding Gracie but best friend Rowdy isn't far
Lee & Vina from WA with baby Gracie and her new best buddy Rowdy. 
Vina Gives Gracie an extra squeeze, we've been waiting a long time!
Owner Photo Updates:
Baby Mig with new big sister Penny.  Penny is a Glory/Strike daughter, she is turning 3 years soon, and being a super good role model for Mig!
Roxy AKA Greeen Girl at home in Colorado.  She's quite photogenic !  What a cutie pie...
Trigger AKA black collar boy will be off to his new home in CO with Jacy and Garret on April 4/5th.
While he's been here we have gotten him crate broke, great on potty training since we are "on the ball", has learned how to play with the "big dogs", he's had his second vaccination and Bordetella for Kennel Cough, he's been to friend's houses to play with small breed dogs, and he has been to an in Home Day Care and had a great time with 3 and 4 year olds.  Plus he loves to play with our cats, who are really good until he gets too rough then they go out of his reach.
Trigger's Mom Jacy and Dad Garret brave a winter storm to come and get their "baby" and headed back to Colorado on Sat. 4-4-09, ran into more weather and had to spend the night in NE. 
Above and left we have Holly in the Dallas TX area.  She is playing with 11 year old Zoie who is our Montana's sister out of Echo and Batman.   As you can see Holly and Zoie have it made!  The Meller family loves the outdoors, hunting and Soccer life is good at their place.
Above we have Posey who was orange girl with her big sister and  grand aunt Kayl.  Dee, John & Kayl left New Orleans after Katrina and started two new Kaboom Book Stores in Houston.   Things are going well and they have added Posey to their family.  Life is so good in TX!
We have 5 photos in this group all of Romeo who lives in California, lucky dog!  Once he left SD, Romeo had green plants and grass instantly.  He's got a loving family and we hope Romeo is all they want him to be!
Gracie who lives in the Seattle, meets Quail for the first time, she's finding this new stimulus intriguing...
Trigger who lives in Denver stopped by over the 4th of July 2009 Holiday to show us how handsome he is becoming...
August 8th & 9th, 2009: "Rowan"  Jakra's Poised For Mischief handled by Melissa for Owner Jesi Foster.  He won 5 points over the weekend, a Puppy Sporting Group 1, and took Best of Breed all at just under 7 months.
Rowan shown by Melissa on August 1st 2009, in LaCrosse earning his first points at 6 months old!
Gracie, at 7 months old, takes Winners Bitch at the Puget Sound Vizsla Club Specialty under breeder judge Linda Kelly for a 5 pt major win!
This group is all Rowan, AKA Blue boy at his new home  with Jesi in Rochester, MN.
Gracie's Head Study at 8 months old, lovely & feminine.
Moxie's Kids Growing up:
Rowan's Head Study at  7 months old.
These are both of Gracie at 6 months.
Posey and Kayl outside their book store in Houston, TX.
Posey about 5 months.
These 3 are of Roxy who lives in Colorado, a late spring snow and summer water fun!  Roxy loves life and her new family!
Trigger from Denver spends plenty of time outdoors camping, hiking and running....we hope to see him in the show ring next year 2010!  He's hunting in CO this fall.
Trigger and Garret with brother-in-law and GSP in ND for a Dec. '09 pheasant hunt, what a fabulous experience for this young boy V.
Mig who lives in the Black Hills of SD having some summer '09 fun with "sister" Penny V. and a yellow Lab.  Mig is the retriever out in the water taking after Moxie and Colby who both love water and retrieving!  She has a very outgoing personality!
This group of 5 photos are of Holly in Texas, summer lounging on a deck chair and a rare Christmas snow storm in Dallas!  Holly and Derek get outdoors and enjoy the snow before it melts!!
These are all of Romeo who lives with his family in California.  He loves to play tennis ball at the dog park.  One of his pals at the park is this young Redbone Coonhound, both are good looking and having good time exercising.
"Gracie"   Jakra's Poised For High Society  Owned by Vina & Lee Langseth

Gracie will finish her Champion title in 2011!
"Rowan"  CH Jakra's Posied For Mischief    
Owned by Jesi Foster       Handled by Melissa Lembke

Rowan proudly finished his Champion Title in May 2010 over the TCVC Specialty weekend!! 
Gracie with a classic pointing style.