Jakra's Cat Family
Mickey on the table top is a Blue Point Tabby Siamese mix, who was dumped out in the country near my friend Annie's farm.  I can't believe anyone could have parted with such loving kitty. Mickey Blue Eyes is the name that immediately came to mind, after a movie starring Hugh Grant.  Mickey for short loves the dogs and snuggles with them in bed.  We estimate his birth to have been in the early spring of 2005.
Ricki is on the floor below the coffee table, he is our British Shorthair.  Ricki was acquired at a local cat show as a 4 month old kitten, he was born in July of '06.  Mickey immediately took Ricki "under his wing" and they became best buds.  The British Blue, as they are famously known, is a wonderful cat, he is playfully mellow and easy on the eyes.
Finally, we found a wonderful Bengal breeder near Lake Okaboji in Iowa.  We were lucky enough to be put on a waiting list for one of Diva and Gilbert's kittens.  Diva had a lovely litter of six baby Bengals on March 4, 2008. Tango came home on 5-7-08 at 8 weeks old, already neutered and declawed in the front, how nice with his breeder being a Veterinarian we couldn't have been more thrilled.  His name is Jakra's Tango Dancer of Boji, and he is living up to it with his playful antics.  What a fun kitty Tango is, we have been so entertained with this little boy!  I could have a house full of Tango kitties...
This is Palin, I lovingly refer to her as Princess Palin, she is rather elegant, obviously beautiful and commands respect.  I have always wanted to rescue a nice cat from the Humane Society, and that is where Palin came from.  She entered our home with beauty and grace and proceeded to let the 3 boys know she here to stay!  We estimate she is approximately 2 years old, so most likely a 2006 kitten.  Palin bonded with me immediately, she is a real lap cat, with the nicest fur, feels like shearling beaver!  Palin was adopted on December  6, 2008.

Regretfully, we lost Palin on March 15th, 2010.  Apparently she had a "false negative" Feline Leukemia test at the Humane Society, and she eventually succumbed to the disease.
Tango growing up, here at 10 months.
After having Palin, I still wanted 4 cats, and as luck would have it, my sister Pam live trapped two pregnant female stray cats.  We donated the vaccine and gave all the kittens  their first shots, and we took a lovely Calico female we called Delyla.  She was doing so well with the dogs, until our rescue Vizsla Klinger's prey drive set in and he killed her.  Another heartbreak, but Pam still had her sister Phoebe to place, so Klinger went off to another foster home (we had him 3 months), and Phoebe came here.  She is just what we needed, so loving and tons of fun, always ready to play!!  Phoebe is a dilute calico, a sexlinked color, so of course she is a female.   Phoebe was born on April 19, 2010. 
This is Princess with her litter of kittens after she was live trapped, she is now living the high life with my sister Pam.  Princess is spayed and lovingly gorgeous, she is orange spotted on her sides, really beautiful.  You can see Delyla nursing and little Phoebe in the middle.  Daphe is nursing she is a dilute Tortie, and the 3 kittens in the forefront are Lewis, Max, and Clark.  All got wonderful homes, we were devastated when "Dede" - Delyla was killed.  Been a tough year for us. 
Phoebe 2 + weeks old
Phoebe 4+ weeks old