Puppy Questionnaire
Please answer the following questions concerning the possible placement of a Jakra Vizsla puppy into your home and care.  Our Puppies are sold on contracts specific to each puppy's needs and prospective owner's desires, and our terms.  Please contact me for more information on my contract terms. 
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Why have you decided upon a Vizsla?

How did you learn about Vizslas?

Have you ever owned another breed of dog?

If so what happened with that dog?

Do you have any personal experience with the Vizsla breed?

What are your intentions with a Vizsla?  Pet? Hunt? Show? Obedience or Agility?  Breeding?

Do you have other pets?  If so, what type?

Are you single or married?  Do you have children?   If so how old are the children?

Do you have a fenced yard? 

Where do you plan to keep your Vizsla?

Do you have a gender preference?  Male or female

How are you planning to socialize your Vizsla?

Have you checked into training classes? 

How many hours a day would this puppy /dog be alone?

Do you plan to crate train your puppy/dog?

Who will take care of this puppy/dog when you can't be home?

How did you hear about us?

Email:  HUNTVIZSLA@aol.com  
Home Phone:  605-368-2099