Reese's 2012  Litter
Puppies Due April 30th!
Reese has lovely sidegait movement, Reach & Drive!
We have choosen a handsomely talented show and field dog for Reese's firt litter.  Grand Champion Paradox Glorybound Brok JH!  He's an outgoing clown who loves to put on a show, nice dark coat and eyes, super sound conformation, and generations of field talent.  This breeding is a total outcross meant to expand the gene pool.  Check out Brok's long list of attributes on his page at Paradox Vizslas...
Grand CH Paradox Glorybound Brok JH
CH Jakra's Irresistible Blonde
My expectations for this breeding run high, these puppies should be sound, hard running bird dogs, with lovely competitive conformation!  The heads should be stunning, the color should be deep and rich, and they should have good bone and substance.  Movement should be exceptional with temperaments suited for any venue!!
Check out Brok's Accomplishments!
Reese is due any day here, the count by xray at the Vet is 6
To the right we have Reese with her new borns.  She whelped her first puppy at 4:20 am on Sunday April 30th, 2012.  We have 6 beautiful babies, 2 boys (Red & Blue) and 4 girls (Yellow, Orange, Lime & Pink).   The Litter Theme will be Candy names, after all they are "Reese's Pieces"!!  Their sire is Brok (Brach's Candy) which has been around forever!
Reese's "Pieces" Week One:
During the first week the puppies are very dependent on mommy Reese, although when she's out for a potty break they settle off to sleep and don't seem to miss her.  When Reese returns their little noses are sniffing and it's a race to the milk bar!  They have very good noses already!
On day 3 tails were docked and the dew claws removed, all is well.
Reese's "Pieces" Week Two:
As you can see, the puppies are growing, getting longer ears, rolls of skin.  At this stage it's nurse and sleep, nurse and sleep....
Reese's "Pieces" Week Three:
Reese's Pieces are exactly 3 weeks in these two photos.  They are starting to interact with each other and bite on mom attempting to play.   When they wake we are putting them in a "litter pan", we are going to try litter training with this litter, I'll let you know if we have any success...great little personalities are coming out!

During the 3rd week we begin to play with each other, attempting some clumsy wrestling moves...we have plenty of wrinkles and keep getting cuter by the day!
We had visitors, the kids were great we love kids already.  Young Abby was a natural with the pups, she gentley picked them up and was ultra careful to place all 4 feet down before she let go, pretty good for a 5 year old!   This family will be getting one of Brinklee's puppies, but they couldn't refuse playing with Reese's Pieces!!
Reese's "Pieces" Week Four:
Blue Boy at 4 weeks and 5 days old.  Sheila Stahr came from Omaha to help with the photos and stacking, we had a blast!
Red boy stacked of course the flash didn't go off, and we forgot to do a face shot, he's very handsome and I will get this done...
Lime girl or Miss Congeniality, she's a hoot!  Lovely stacked cutie pie, Sheila has her looking awesome!   She should be shown...
Pink Girl is an eye catcher!  Another nice job of stacking her at this tender young age...Not bad for not quite 5 weeks.
Yellow  Girl is now Swirl Collar.   She was easy to stack and could stand like this for a great length of time...
We weren't able to get a stacked shot of Orange Girl who now has a Polka Dot Collar.  She ate the bait so quickly a chunk got stuck down her throat.  Thought it best not to push it, will try again soon.  Will get a head shot soon.