CH Jakra's Final Indulgence JH   "Elliot" 
March 20, 1997   to   November 24, 2005
CH Rebel Rouser Royal Dalton JH  "Roy"
November 27, 1990  to December 20, 2005
Memories Live Forever
We were blessed to have shared our lives with Elliot & Roy, they are alive in our memories and our hearts.   Never forgotten, just waiting to be with us again in another life.     Jak & Debbie
Elliot was a dream come true.  Handsome, perfect in size & temperament, gentle and so loving.  Elliot hunted hard, ranged big, and his point was breathtaking.  He had the tail set, the nice feet, the topline, movement, the power, and the happy attitude.  Above all he loved us so much, and we him.  To look into his eyes was to touch his sole.  It appears to be true, God takes only the BEST!

Roy was our first boy who taught us about how much a dog thinks and plots.  In the field, he was one step ahead of any game to be hunted.  He caught many a squirrel in the back yard, standing like a statue for hours if necessary to ambush one.  Roy was the clean up dog on crippled birds, filling our limits a couple of times on an opening day without ever firing a gun!  He taught me what it was all about winning placements in the Sporting Group Ring.  He was the dog who made me secure when strangers came to the door.  Most of all he was the leader of our pack. 
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CH Jakra's Vivid Encore JH ROM  "Vivienne"
National Top Producer
February 24, 2000  to  June 12, 2007
CH Jakra's Echo Of Prairie Canyon JH  "Echo"
National Top Producer
April 2,1993  to  June 15, 2007
Mother & Daughter
Rest in Peace my Beautiful Girls...We will be together again.
Our Girls
Vivienne you left us too soon, the hole in my heart aches to hold you again.  Our connection will never die.
Echo, you were our first homebred Champion and my first AKC Medalion Bred By Exhibitor Champion!  We were so lucky to have had you for 14 wonderful years.  I miss you talking to me...
CH Lyon's Showdown By Jakra CD SH VC ROM  3 X National Top Producer
April 27, 1994  to  March 17, 2008
Stud Dogs
Wyatt's Kids
It's impossible to  express how much Wyatt has meant to Jak and I.  He was our steady, stable keeper of our family.  Never bothered by any obstacle, he relished in the chance to go do anything offered.  Wyatt passed away wagging his tail for us, as if to say "don't cry I will be waiting for you, we will be together", always comforting us before himself.  My special happy boy, our lives would never have been the same without your strength, sensibility, and leadership.
Our Boys
CH Jakra's Beyond Caped Crusader JH
April 23 1995 to November 28, 2008

Our Boys
Batman you were born a clown, happy, go lucky, good time dog.  You loved your birds, loved puppies, loved people, kept peace, protected the helpless many times.  How you fitted into your name still amazes me.  I bet you aren't missing this cold nasty winter, but we all miss you. "Love you big guy!"
CH Jakra's Beyond Vicious Rumors JH
National Top Producer
April 23 1995 to January 24, 2010
Lydia was the sweetest Vizsla we have ever owned, very much a lady till it came for fun!  Your most fun was hunting, showing those Pointers and Setters how far and hard you could hunt, showing those same dogs how to make water retrieves when necessary, or showing hunt test judges how many Quail can be found in 8 minutes.  Lydia your talents in the field made Jak and I look like we really knew what we were doing. You were amazing always, I miss your bright eyes and brave soul Lydi Ann, but I continue to see you everyday in your daughters & granddaughters.  I thank you again for them.
Our Girls