Greer & Cosmo's Puppies
Born on Thanksgiving Day November 22, 2007 what a Holiday !
Greer is happy to have her babies back and be home after 18 hours of whelping, and ending with a C-section spay.  We are proud to announce the arrival of Greer's 4 boys and one girl!  All doing well so far.
Week 1
Greer has settled in beautifully, you'd never know she is a first time Mom.
Greer has an elegance all her own, she exhibits a relaxed calmness, motherhood becomes her.
Week 2
As you can see, these puppies are growing well, all squeezed in at the "milk bar".  Greer's babies have a darker rich coat color.  The boy's look like their daddy Cosmo, and her little girl,so far, looks like Greer.
It has been interesting having two litters 1 week apart.  Greer's babies are the same weight as Gidget's at this age, I'd say that's consistent.  As I saw with the other litter, Greer's babies have started to open their eyes, they stumble around in their attempts to walk across their bed, they change so quickly I wish we could freeze them at this age they are precious.
Week 3
Greer's babies are moving right along, they have become very entertaining.  They were moved from the office to the family room to experience more activity and noises. 
Week 4
It became time to combine both litters when poor Greer developed mastitis.  Ouch, now healing, she nursed her puppies separate so we could becareful with the "bad one".   Greer's babies hold their own with their week older "cousins", they play and crash for a long nap.  It makes for a big pile of puppies!  Gidget sleeps with them at night and goes in and out at her will.  She is now the sole disciplinarian, she is gentle and firm with all the babies.  These two Moms are quite the team, so cool! 
Week 5
Purple Boy
Purple Boy
Black Boy
Black Boy
Turquoise Boy
Turquoise Boy
Green Boy
Green Boy
Yellow Girl
Yellow Girl
The Irresistible Litter at 5.5 weeks old.  A very nice litter from Greer and Cosmo. 

Going to have to hang on to a couple of Show/Hunt prospects from this lovely bunch!
Week 6
Green Boy
Yellow Girl
Turquoise Boy
Purple Boy
Black Boy
Greer's Irresistible Litter at 6 weeks and 2 days old.  We did these photos earlier after a big meal, they have full bellies.  Very good eaters, they are really hard to stack at this age, they eat your fingers alive while you feed them into their stance.  Even with a full tummy they ate the bait like baby Pigs!
More 6 Week photos
Week 7
Week 8
More 7 Week photos
Three of Greer's babies went to their new homes over the weekend of 1/19/08.  They were 8 weeks old and ready for new adventures.  I'm holding back two of Greer's puppies for our future in showing & hunting.
March  2008
There they are Greer's boy & girl on the left and Gidget's kids on the right.  Lovely puppies with quick minds and feet.
Bogey at just over 3 months, staying put together as he grows.  Best of luck to Sheila as she trains him for his Show Debut.
Blake lives in Colorado, he was lucky enough to go out for a run in search of local game birds. 
Lloyd is over 4 months old here.  Dave and Mary did a great job getting a still photo of him.  From what I hear Lloyd is too busy most of the time for photo sessions.  He's going to be a handsome adult Vizsla.
After Lloyd got home this the the "look" he gives his new Mom & Dad.  He is a clown.
"Bogey"  Jakra's Irresistible Casablanca with Sheila at Branched Oaks during the NVC Hunt Test.  He is 4 months and 1 week old here. 
Fall of  2008
"Bogey"  Jakra's Irresistible Casablanca goes Winner's dog & Best of Winners at Fremont, NE.
"Turner"  Jakra's Irresistible Pivot goes Winner's dog & Best of Opposite Sex over a Special at Fremont, NE.
"Reese"  Jakra's Irresistible Blonde goes Winners Bitch and Best Of Opposite Sex for a 4 point major win 10-08 in Sioux Falls! 
The Irresistibles
Blake who now lives in Colorado, loves snow, loves his human kids and his yellow lab who gratiously opened the doors for him.
Lloyd growing up