GCHJakra's Simply Savvy
Selma debuts in MN at her first Match with Future handler Avery Lembke!
Avery using her skills with a squeaker as Selma puts on the brakes!
Selma takes 1st place with her handler Avery!
5 Weeks
6 Weeks
7 Weeks
Selma 5 months
Selma 4 months
Selma 3 months "beating" Gage at wrestling, he is such a sweet boy!
Selma and Avery waiting their turn!
Selma debuts in MN at her first Shows & Twin Cities Vizsla Club's Specialty taking Best In Sweeps & Best Of Winners for the Specialty.  Selma wins two more days going BOW earning 3 - 4 point Majors at 6 months and 1 week old!
These are a series of moving shots of Selma at her "Savvy" winning debut!  We were sent around that ring many times! 
Selma finishes on March 3rd, 2012 at the Gateway Vizsla Club Specialty Weekend of shows at Purina Farms in MO!  4 majors!  Two weekend Regional Specialties and her Nationals Debut going 1st in 6 to 9 month Puppy Bitch Sweeps and Regular 6 to 9 month Classes & we have our lastest Champion! 
Photo by Vicki McGregor
Photo by Vicki McGregor
Photo by Vicki McGregor

DOB:  2/19/2011