Cosmo's Kids
Black collar boy, the only male.  With this quality all you need is one boy!
Cosmo was bred to a lovely, birdy, sound bitch Peyton.  She is CH Redwillow's Party Girl JH, owned by Sue Render.  Resulting with 4 very nice puppies, 3 girls and one boy.  They were 8 weeks just before Nationals.  All had a dark eye, short back, good bone and feet. 
Red collar girl.

She has tons of chest and forechest, she could stay stacked all day!
Purple collar girl.

She is very pretty, slightly smaller, but very balanced.
Pink collar girl.

She has tons of bone and substance. 
Stud Dogs
Our Boys
Brinklee at 7 months, left is Vizsla Club Of America Nationals, right is SEKC Shows 3 point major win.  She is a Cosmo & Gidget daughter. 
Jersey who is Brinklee's beautiful sister from Cosmo and Gidget's first litter, she is between 3 and 4 months in these photos. 
Redwillow's Goodtime Charlie JH was black collar boy.  April '08 he earned his JH in 4 straight passes. 
Gidget&Cosmo's Puppies
Greer&Cosmo's Puppies
Our Girls
Tempe's first point, and she's rock solid as baby, makes your heart pound!
Turner at just 6 months, not yet ready to show, but getting close...
Reese practicing at a show before her debut, once she matures look out!
Reese 7 months
Gage 7 months
Brinklee 2008 TCVC Specialty 4 point major.
Lloyd who Dave & Mary Batchellor's boy out of Cosmo and Greer, is approximately 9 months here.
Litter brothers Bogey (left) and Turner (right) take points on Sat & Sunday in Fremont, NE.  They are out of Cosmo and Greer's 2007 litter.  Only 11 months old here they will be maturing this next year. 
Jakra's Irresistible Casablanca
Jakra's Irresistible Pivot
Jakra N Panacea's Mutual Temptation
Tempe takes her first points!  She is a Cosmo/Gidget baby.
Jakra's Irresistible Blonde
Reese is Greer & Cosmo's only girl, with this kind of quality one is all you need!  Shown here at 11 months old, taking a 4 point major win! 
Melissa and I took 4 Cosmo kids to the 2009 VCA Nationals in Tucson, 3 out of Gidget and one out of Greer and all of them did awesome!  Brinklee finished her Champion title there taking Winners Bitch!!  Tempe with Melissa took first in the 9 to 12 month Puppy Bitch Class.  Reese took a 2nd in 9 to 12 month Puppy Bitch and placed 3rd in her Puppy Sweepstakes class.  Gage made a cut in the huge Bred By Exhibitor class and he was only 11 months in an adult class, plus he took 3rd in his Puppy Sweepstakes class.  All 4 dogs made us very proud, needless to say the trip home was more like "flying" than a 24 hour drive.
These are all of Blake (Cosmo and Greer son) a very happy Vizsla with a wonderful family to care for him and best of all he gets to HUNT!!