The Boys from Utah here in SD for Annual Hunt '05 with Jak and 6 Vizslas, 2 English Setters, a GSP, a Pointer & a Lab.
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Hunting Season 2006:  Left Shelby makes the Retrieve; Center Jak and nephew Sig III from Utah; Right Vivienne & Montana show off their Dad's limit in Pheasants and a couple of Sharptails; Far Right Wyatt poses with his Goose Retrieves at 12 1/2 years old.
Some photos from Pheasant season 2007.   Upper left is from late Oct. 07 & Early Nov. 07.  The remaining are on a 3 day SD trip Jak took with just Cosmo and Shelby during a break from Deer hunting.
2008 Colby & Woody, two dogs we bred came from MN to SD to hunt pheasant and had a great day!  Owners & Shooters: Jeff & Pete
2008 Oct/Nov Hunt, warm sunny weather. 
L to R: Jak with Cosmo & Gidget; SigIII with Bosco; Eric with Ruby; SigII with Dirty; & Dave with English Setter?  Too bad they didn't get the pheasants in the photo, the day's limit was just below the road level.
Moxie bringing in the Pheasant!
Shelby proudly brings in a BIG Rooster!
2008 South Dakota Fall Pheasant Hunting...
Cosmo gets his chance to show off!