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"Once you own one, you'll always want more..."
All our puppies are sold on a 3 year guarantee against inherent health problems such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, eye diseases etc.  All puppies not going to show homes, will be sold on a spay/neuter contract with the option to show the dog at a later time.  All other performance venues, whether it be field, obedience, tracking, or agility are open to altered canines of either sex.   We require a $100 deposit on a planned puppy, that is once I have confirmed our agreement as a placement.  The deposit is refundable if I don't have a puppy that works for you.   We reserve the right to first refusal should you have a need to place the dog in another home, for what ever reason.   We will be a constant source of training information and health information for your Vizsla's life. 
Our main goals in placing our puppies are a home with caring, loving owners who will provide proper veterinary care, proper housing, proper supervision, provide socializing from EARLY puppyhood on into adult living, will preferably take their puppy to puppy training classes and an adult obedience class, the reward is a much better family member/pet/hunting companion.  Socializing means meeting many people and other dogs, and learning correct behavior around both, getting your puppy out to pet stores, to family outings, to outdoor parks, soccer games, ball games, any place dogs are allowed with plenty of noises & commotion.
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